South Coast party collective Parkside have kicked off Summer party announcements, with a set of bumper events lasting the entirety of the hot season. 

The ‘Summer Get Down’ kicks off in December with a rotating lineup of international and local stars including London talent Palms Trax; Stockholm native / Studio Barnhus boss/signees Kornel Kovacs and Mount Liberation Unlimited; 90s icons Mood II Swing; New York house legend Jovonn; Melbourne via Berlin / Superconscious Records co-founder Francis Inferno Orchestra and Sydney legend Simon Caldwell, with Parkside DJs rounding out the lineup on each event. The series kicks off with Jovonn (USA) and Simon Caldwell outside at the University of Wollongong Unibar forecourt. 

Now five years running, Parkside has become a bubbling Sunday night favourite amongst in-the-know house heads around Sydney and Wollongong thanks to a low-key, DIY approach to parties, seeing everyone from Andràs and Tornado Wallace to Damiano Von Erckert and Soul Clap make the pilgrimage to play. The ‘Summer Get Down’ is their most ambitious outing yet, spanning six events from December to February. 

Come and dip your toe in the water, it’s going to be refreshing! 


Parkside ‘The Summer Get Down’ 

17/12: Jovonn & Simon Caldwell  TICKETS ->

26/12: Boxing Day Extravaganza 

15/01: Mood II Swing & Mount Liberation Unlimited (Live)

25/01: Palms Trax & Kornel Kovacs 

05/02: Francis Inferno Orchestra 

19/02: Lineup TBC

All parties supported by Parkside DJs


Catch the Parkside crew at Subsonic Music Festival this weekend from 11am-12.30pm at the Pizza Lab on Sunday.